About Us

iPartner Consulting was established with the mission of sourcing genuine, authentic, and credible talent while ensuring the fastest possible turnaround time. We have a team of technical consultants comprising over 100 professionals conducting technical coding interviews. This robust team ensures the delivery of thoroughly vetted candidates to our clients, offering comprehensive playback interviews for enhanced transparency and decision-making.

1. Assistance in identifying and evaluating top candidates
Improve the accuracy of your talent decisions with our Technical Expert's assistance in identifying and evaluating top candidates' skills, fit, and potential for their roles.
2. Recruitment and talent assessment
iPartner Consulting provides intelligent solutions for clients with their recruitment and talent assessment processes.
3. Pre-Employment technical assessment
iPartner Consulting excels in IT Consulting and Staffing, optimizing talent acquisition. We deliver efficient processes,saving time and costs in application review, sourcing, interview scheduling, and technical assessments.
4. Talent Assessment AI platform
Our expertise and advanced AI technology make us a strategic ally, easing the burdens of talent acquisition for organizations. Beyond traditional methods, our platform reduces costs, making iPartner a strategic partner for excellence in technology workforce management. Explore our proven track record and cutting-edge AI technology for comprehensive staffing solutions.
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